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SV Victoria Queen Crown



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♕ Encrusted with stunning clear Austrian crystals of various sizes, this crown design based on baroque vintage style, great to show its culture and fashion, it is the best choice for baroque fashion fans

  • Height: 5.5 cm
  • Diameter: 14.5 cm
  • Color: Bronze, Gold
  • Metal: Alloy


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    1. 100%
      BY:Kelly顶级贡献者: 宠物
      Gorgeous Crown (needs minor mods)
      This crown is absolutely gorgeous. It does need some tweaks to be usable, but it's so beautiful at such a reasonable price that I can't deduct any stars. I don't even think my photos captured just how lovely this crown is in-person, and how it sparkles.1. I can't get the crown to stay in place by using the included bobby-pins (or even larger ones I already had). I put the bobby-pin through a loop in the crown's base, and then pin it to my hair, and the bobby-pin slides all over the place and doesn't hold the crown in place. It's very awkward to put the bobby-pins on by myself, and they don't work anyway. (See below for my solution.)2. The metal loops in the base, as well as the crown itself, poke into my scalp a little bit. It's only mildly uncomfortable at first, but I plan to wear this all day during the Renaissance Festival season, and it wouldn't take long to become uncomfortable. (See below for my solution.)3. One of the rhinestones came out very early. Luckily I found it on my counter, and super-glued it back in. I'm going to have to be very careful with this crown - I can't just throw it into a duffle bag with the rest of my costume. I put a bunch of tissue paper in a box for the crown, to protect it during travel.4. The crown is close to perfectly round when it arrives, but that's NOT the shape of my head. I had to squeeze the crown a bit to make it more oval-shaped, so it sits on my head properly. Luckily this wasn't a problem, the metal bent appropriately and didn't break, nothing chipped, etc.Solution for #1 & 2:I bought 3mm satin cord (https://smile..com/gp/product/B005DMY3JE). There are four colors of cord in that pack, one of which matches the "gold" of the crown exactly. I threaded that cord through the front loop on the crown, and looped it through a couple of times. I then split it in each direction and looped the cord through the two side loops a couple of times. Then I brought the two cords together at the back and put them through the back loop. (See photos in this review.) Wrapping the cord around each of the loops pads them so they don't poke into your scalp. Some parts of the crown (the decorative part that people see) may still poke you though, so you may need to get more creative with the cord.Once the cord goes through all four loops, I put my hair in a bun using an elastic/beaded comb. You could also use a scrunchie or whatever you normally use to put your hair up, as long as it's very secure. Then I use the two ends of the cord to tie around my hair bun, so the back end of the crown can't move much. There can be a little wiggle-room, but it shouldn't fall significantly when you move your head.Finally, I took two small "jaw" style hair clips and put them as close to the inside of the crown as I could, grabbing hair at the front-left and front-right positions. This helps keep the crown from sliding backwards, or to either side. You can't toss your head around like a head-banger, but I was able to walk around the house and do normal activities for a couple of hours without discomfort, and it was still held firmly in place. The satin cord matches the crown, and the clips (somewhat) match my hair, so it's not super distracting or obvious what I did.Of course, it would be nice if I could just plop the thing down on my head and be done with it. Unfortunately, there's just no way that's going to happen. And as I said before, this crown is STUNNING in person, so I can't deduct any stars for being "inconvenient". Especially for under $25.Necklace pictured (last photo): https://smile..com/dp/B00HH3E5MM
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    2. 80%
      BY:Allison P.
      Four Stars
      Beautiful, but arrived with jewels that had fallen out. Had to super glue them back in.
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    3. 100%
      BY:Maria V Sokolova
      Five Stars
      Beautiful crown! Fast shippping. Thank you
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    4. 100%
      I Love my new crown
      I Love my new crown. It's just like the images only better. I wore it on my birthday and got so many compliments on it.
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    Items 1411 to 1414 of 1414 total

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