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SV Taylor Costume Crown



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♕ Crafted of gold metal setting and leaf shape, this crown features in baroque style with vintage and distinct charm. Best tiara for costume party

  • Color: Gold
  • Height: 4.5cm / 1.77 inch
  • Diameter: 16.2cm / 6.37 inch
  • Metal: Alloy


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    1. 100%
      BY:Tracy Anne
      I am a Victorian prince
      I cannot even begin to convey the joy in which I felt when I bestowed upon myself this crown. That is to say... I purchased it a few days past. I was so very excited; chortling and grinning at my late night purchase.Though the wait felt long, my crown arrived in little time. So little, in fact, that I had not noticed the notification until I was jadedly scrolling through my messages. I gasped and rushed to retrieve my moccasins, slipped them on, and hurried out to my rusty, old mailbox.Well, you can just imagine what sort of shenanigans ensued once I had the crown within my grubby, little hands.I say all this to inform those considering such a purchase... that it is oh so very worth your money. If you believe you deserve a crown, get yourself a crown. If you believe you don't deserve a crown, you're probably right (I jest, I jest), but that can't stop you from getting a crown. Bestow upon yourself the power and monarchy that you so desire for yourself with this here crown!-Sincerely and yours truly,A Victorian Prince
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    2. 100%
      BY:Millie ^-^
      The "Everyday" Crown
      The was my third (I'm seeing a trend starting) crown from SweetV. The crown is perfectly circular, so it doesn't sit on the head naturally. However, the crown is wide, so with a little squishing it can easily fit your head. I haven't do so, though. It's solid, well made, and perfect for everyday use (lol). The workmanship is beautiful, and I have zero regrets.
      0 0
    3. 100%
      BY:Jennifer Green
      Inexpensive, but not cheap
      I've bought from this shop three times, and have been very pleased each time. The quality is remarkably good for the price, and the variety is worth exploring. Their full crowns are circular, but most heads are not... but these are sturdy enough to withstand gentle pressure to reshape them for comfort. Definitely recommend!
      0 0
    4. 100%
      BY:Donna D.
      It is absolutely GORGEOUS! But it is very large. I just couldn't get my hair poofy enough to cover the gap between head and the crown. Very sturdy and stunning!
      0 0
    5. 100%
      BY:Bella Dove
      It is a beautiful piece, I did think it would sit on my head easier, but with the included Bobby pins it wasnt a problem. I feel very royal and the price for value is exceedingly high. I'm a loyal customer bc this brand always pleasantly surprises me.
      0 0
    6. 100%
      BY:Liv Madden
      Mermaid magic
      Absolutely gorgeous and goes well with most outfits! I totally bought it because I saw that tiktok lady wear it and I fell in love. The clip rings were great and it stayed on even while I did my mermaid show. Absolutely wonderful.
      0 0
    7. 100%
      Very pretty and sturdy!
      Fits great when I have a wig on, but not so much on my natural head, which is totally fine since I bought it for cosplay. I have my head shaved on the sides, so wearing it without a wig is incredibly uncomfortable and it doesn't stay, but I'd imagine that wouldn't be an issue for someone with more hair.Very well constructed, there are a few spots where there are clear seams, but they're easy enough to ignore and not sure obvious from a distance. Also, the inside has a set of small rings and it comes with matching bobby pins to help secure it to your hair/wig.Overall great product, very happy with it!
      0 0
    8. 100%
      0 0
    9. 100%
      Perfect for Men too!
      Great construction. Material is solid but with a little force, is malleable enough to customize to general head shape for better comfort when worn. Best of all, the design is perfect both men and women!
      0 0
    10. 100%
      I love it
      0 0

    Items 1 to 10 of 21 total

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