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SV Crystal Wedding Tiara

$16.99 $24.99

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♕ Add a magical touch to your big day by wearing this sparkling tiara. You are looking at the sensational and unique rhinestone crown.

♕ Encrusted with stunning Austrian crystals of various sizes, this tiara shines bright like diamond which is unparalleled in flawlessness and clarity.

♕ Tiara measures approx. 3.2" in height, 5.3" in diameter, crafted specifically to fit women and girls and perfectly fit in your glamorous hairstyles.

♕ The metal tiara is of high quality, bend at the end for a perfect fit. Pin loops at each end of the tiara for extra security. ( bobby pins included )

♕ Sparkling headpiece, ideal for Weddings, Birthdays, Proms, Costume, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Maternity Shoots, Halloween or other special occasion.

  • Diameter: 13.5cm / 5.31inch
  • Height: 8cm / 3.15 inch
  • Metal: Alloy
  • Embellishment: Crystal
  • Color: Black, Emerald, Rose Gold, Silver


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    1. 100%
      BY:Skylar Gott
      I’ll take one of each, please!
      I was sad and unmotivated. I put this beauty on and went about my day. At lunch (I’m working from home), I took out the trash and forgot I had this piece on and came inside to realize that I am truly the queen of this castle. Just don’t tell my cats.
    2. 100%
      BY:Britne Clark
      100 stars!!!
      I will forever be floored by the quality of Sweet V and the craftsmanship of their crowns. This one though goes above and beyond! The sparkle without looking "cheap". The detail without looking clumpy. The weight and sturdiness. The rose gold color with the citrine colored stones is beautiful! Sweet V knocked it out!
    3. 100%
      BY:laura wipfler
      Just buy it!
      Bought this crown for Halloween to be Merida (yes I know she doesn’t wear a crown but I wanted to lol) absolutely do not regret it. As a 28 year old woman I’ve always wanted a crown just because they make me feel like a queen and boy did this one deliver. As a Leto gently bend it to fit my fat head and felt it really complimented my face. Soooooo sparkly and the emerald color gems were so vibrant. Wore it out for my birthday and some little girl came up and wanted to take a picture with “a real princess” talk about DAY MADE! If you’re thinking about it, go for it. My BFF bought a different style same brand and loves it too. Honestly very tempted to buy a few more because I love this tiara that much.
    4. 100%
      BY:Sally Balboa
      It is a gift for a special woman and is worthy of her.
      I liked everything about it...the sturdiness, the colors, the style and even the bobby pins included...beautiful and thoughtful. I looked a long time and am very pleased with what I finally decided on!
    5. 100%
      BY:Donna vS
      Be the queen!
      This is a hefty, sparkly, fantastic tiara!
    6. 100%
      Get the crown, honey.
      Listen, folks. This crown is pretty decent. It's sturdy and fairly heavy for a tiara, which I feel makes it feel more secure. I wouldn't go crazy but I can dance around and generally frolick in any meadow. I got the black crown and other who reviewed were right that they have somewhat of a greenish tint to the gems. I really love it though!
    7. 80%
      Feel like a princess
      So beautiful and amazing material I feel like a real princess!Thank you it’s amazing
    8. 100%
      Bad Ass Tiara
      This Tiara is amazing! Like I was expecting to get what I paid for, but this tiara is of high quality. No stones were missing or loose on arrival. It even comes with a few replacement stones. No glue is visible, not ugly sold points visible. The only draw back is sometime the black jewels read kind of "green" I have this happen with other black jeweled pieces, something about them being clear and not opaque. It is in no way a deal breaker. This tiara is totally bad ass. The shape helps it sit nicely on your head, but since actually metal it might get a bit heavy after wearing it for. long time, but this dark beauty on your head you will stare down any obstacles in your path, and they will scurry away scared of your awesomeness
    9. 100%
      BY:Felicia Hutcherson
      Loved it!!!
      Was beautiful and sturdy! I loved it! Did have a few of the smaller gems come off when they snagged my hair but I superglued them back on and it worked! I felt so proud pretty for my Zoom Divorce Party! Green is the color of rebirth and renewal so it was so fitting!
    10. 100%
      BY:Ann E. Kuipers
      Sturdy, good quality.
      This tiara has a nice weight to it. It is sturdy enough to fit the bands to my head well.
      For suggested occasions for use, they forgot to include Working From Home during a pandemic, or Going Grocery Shopping! A tiara makes every day a little better!

    Items 1 to 10 of 17 total

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