SWEETV Rose Gold Headband for Bride

sweet v headband

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“The clip hold on very tight! I loved it! It comes in a very nice jewelry box and protected. I used this as a hair piece for my wedding and it looked absolutely gorgeous!! I love the color rose gold. ” 


"I wore this for my September Wedding and it couldn’t have been more perfect. It was beautiful and I got so many compliments on it. " 


"Amazing purchase! Unlike other headbands it was delicate and classy plus it didn't hurt behind my ears. I have seen other headbands that look exactly the same yet are extremely expensive. This was a great deal to get. " 


“I bought this for my girlfriend as she wanted one for the RenFest. I was blown away by how amazing this looked. The quality is amazing. She wears it to the Renfest every time we go now and gets a stupid amount of compliments. She loves it and it was worth the price. ” 


“I fell in love with a similar headpiece at the mall, which cost nearly $100. So glad I purchased this instead. Only a fraction the cost, but even more beautiful than the original piece I'd wanted. Can't wait to wear this at my wedding this year!” 


“I flaunted this headpiece at a Gatsby party this weekend and I had so many compliments on this! It's really beautiful and it wasn't too tight like other headbands that I've used before. I'll be using this again come New Years!” 


“This Crown is amazing. The colors are a perfect pastel pallet. I used it for a Birthday photoshoot. I could tilt my head all the way back and that thing wasn't going anywhere. Its not heavy and I honestly forgot I was wearing it a few times.” 


“It is beautiful and very well made. I love the little touches like adding extra stones and Bobby pins that Match the color. Blown away with the quality!” 


“I took a picture of this belt on my wrist so that you can see the detail. It is very pretty, dainty, and well made. The jewels are crystal clear and shine bright. Would def recommend this product to others.” 


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Brand Story

SWEET&V was founded by Edward in 2010, he has been working on wedding and jewelry industry for many years and was inspired by the stunning items he ever seen during his career, so he created SWEET&V to continue his career to make stunning and quality jewelries with reasonable prices. 

We mainly focus on jewelries like headbands, tiaras, hair vines, earings, necklaces, etc. We have a designer team to make sure our products are leading the trends and making you the highlight in any events. 


*You can still contact us via email: cs@sweetv.com

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